BDA Group specialises in economic and environmental analysis

Our main areas of expertise include firstly, the development and assessment of agricultural, natural resource and environmental policy, and secondly, evaluation of investment projects and financial instruments using discounted cash flow, benefit cost analysis and capital valuation techniques. We focus on providing high quality research and analyses tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

We are experienced in:

  • designing natural resource and environmental policy instruments, including market based instruments.
  • benefit cost analysis of policies, regulations and guidelines.
  • policy review and evaluation, including Regulatory Impact Analysis.
  • evaluation of research and investment projects and financial instruments.
  • liaising with industry in relation to the impact of policy proposals.
  • providing independent advice in relation to environmental matters with significant economic dimensions.
  • providing training programs in environmental economics

Our key work areas are economic assessments of environmental, agricultural and natural resource policy and investment projects, and the design of market based policies for improving air and water quality, environmental flows, native vegetation and biodiversity, waste and pollution management.