Market-based policy instruments

NSW Environment Protection Authority – Comparative review of load based licensing fee systems.

SA Environment Protection Authority – Investigation of potential market based instruments to minimise the effect of stormwater on Adelaide’s coastal water quality.

SA Environment Protection Authority – Evaluation of Options for SA EPA Licence Fee Structure.

Swan River Trust – A Nutrient Offset trading scheme for the Swan Canning.

NSW Council of CMA Chairs – Use of Market Based Instruments by CMAs in NSW to Achieve Landscape Scale Change.

QLD Environment Protection Authority – A Scoping Study on a Nutrient Trading Program to Improve Water Quality in Moreton Bay.

Environment Australia – The Potential of Market Based Instruments to Better Manage Australia’s Waste Streams.

National Market Based Instrument Pilot Program – Tradeable Recharge Credits in Coleambally Irrigation Area.

SA Environment Protection Authority – An Investigation of Policy Mix Options to achieve Water Quality Outcomes in Adelaide’s drinking water supply area.

Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Final report of the National Market Based Instruments Pilot Program.

SA Environment Protection Authority – Development offsets in the context of the Mount Lofty Watershed.

Murray Darling Basin Commission – A Market Approach to the Living Murray Initiative.

Environment Australia – A Tradeable Certificate System for Biofuels.

Environment Australia – Design of a Tradeable Certificate Scheme for Used Oil in Australia

Regulatory impact assessment

National Environment Protection Council – Consultation regulatory impact statement for reducing emissions from woodheaters.

Victorian Department of Primary Industries – Cost-benefit analysis of a change in policy to allow the commercial cultivation of opium poppies for therapeutic use in Victoria.

Australian Fisheries Management Authority – Risk assessment of management options in the Northern Prawn Fishery.

NSW Department of Finance and Services – Economic appraisal of Warragamba Dam environmental flow options.

National Environment Protection Council – Assessment of potential options, including container deposit legislation, to address packaging wastes.

National Environment Protection Council – Cost benefit analysis of options to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds from surface coatings.

NSW Department of Commerce – Economic Assessment of the Shoalhaven Project.

Department of Environment – Participation in the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer – a qualitative analysis of the costs and benefits to Australia.

Policy design and review

Victorian Department of Primary Industries – The management of declared noxious weeds and rabbits on roadsides in Victoria.

NSW Natural Resources Commission – The economic impacts of NSW Government water purchases for the environment.

NSW Department of Environment & Climate Change – Analysis of the RiverBank Water Trading Strategy

NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change – Review of the benefits of efficient and effective environmental regulation.

VIC Department of Treasury and Finance – Options for securing environmental flows in Victoria.

Victorian Department of Primary Industries – The role of an ‘Environmental Duty of Care’ in natural resource management in Victoria.

Zero Waste SA – Analysis of levies and financial instruments in relation to Waste Management.

NSW Department of Environment and Conservation – Framework for Assessing Actions for Improving Air Quality in the Greater Metropolitan Region.

Murray Darling Basin Commission – The cost of failure to meet critical human water needs in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Commonwealth Department of Environment and Water Resources – The economic and social impacts of Protected Areas in Australia

Forest & Wood Products Research & Development Corporation Review of the National Timber Development Program.

Environmental valuation

NSW South East Local Land Services – Assessing the downstream benefits of the Snowy River Environmental Flow Program.

NSW Department of Finance and Services – The economic value of recreational activity along the Hawkesbury-Nepean River.

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts – The full cost of landfill disposal in Australia.

The Glenelg Hopkins CMA (on behalf of all Victorian CMAs and the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Parks) – Valuing the benefits of Victorian waterway management.

NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation – Valuing and Trading Environmental Services at the Farm Level.

Australian Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts – Analysis of social and environmental valuation methodologies for waste management.

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation – Economic Evaluation of Selected Environmental Investment Projects.

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